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New search: Kateeva SVP/CFO

OLED displays are displacing LCDs and Kateeva is at the center of that revolution. Kateeva’s inkjet deposition equipment solutions enable cost-effective mass production of OLED displays that are low power, high contrast, pure color, ultra-fast, shatterproof, flexible, and super-thin for mobile, wearables, TVs and curved, rollable and foldable form factors. Kateeva is the first inkjet platform developed from the ground up for OLED mass production and sits at the foundation of the supply chain, providing a critical enabling solution with unique proprietary technology.

Kateeva inkjet addresses the most difficult OLED display manufacturing challenges: Thin Film Encapsulation (TFE) and Red, Green, Blue (RGB) pixel patterning. With Kateeva inkjet technology, OLED can be lower cost than LCD due to the simpler product structure.

Kateeva’s inkjet systems deliver a highly precise and efficient material deposition solution. In the TFE and RGB applications, the Kateeva equipment replaces shadowmask vacuum evaporation, offering superior film quality, higher yield, lower cost per throughput, better scalability to larger glass sizes, and reduced maintenance. Their product lines span all sizes from R&D, pilot and full production tools.

This is a fully validated technology with mass production tool installations at the leading OLED manufacturers, including industry leader Samsung Display. With a recent investment of $88 million from major Chinese venture firms and supply chain partners joining existing investors like Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, Veeco, Sigma Partners, Spark Capital, Madrone Capital, and others, and a robust order pipeline with projected sales of 100M to 150M USD in 2016 and the opportunity to build a 1B USD per year business within the next five years, Kateeva is well positioned for future success.

Kateeva has 40 patents issued, 100 pending patent applications, 160 people, is expanding rapidly and just moved into their new 75,000 square feet headquarters building in Newark, CA (Silicon Valley).

The qualified candidate will have the following:

  • Success as a CFO, ideally in an equipment manufacturing or biotech environment with significant Asia experience.
  • Experienced in authoring the S-1, taking a company through the IPO process and having been a public company CFO.
  • Experience in the business and financial management of “lumpy” businesses where there is significant variance in quarterly bookings and cash flow.
  • Track record of accomplishment in the analysis, structuring, negotiation and implementation of M&A, Asia manufacturing and contracts with Asia customers.
  • Successful history of scaling an early revenue company, evidenced by business success, accurate analysis and forecasting, and the right process controls at the right time.
  • Strong communications skills, fully capable of being the face and voice of Kateeva with investors, investment bankers, audit firms, strategic partners, customers, vendors, et al.
  • Verifiable success as a business leader, providing value beyond traditional finance and accounting.
  • Leadership style that mentors his/her team and engages and involves the entire enterprise in business success.

Kateeva is headquartered in Newark, California (Bay Area).

» For additional information, a more robust position description, or confidential consideration regarding this position, please contact Frank Moscow.

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