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New search (now completed): Brainium Studios VP of Operations


Brainium Studios is an extraordinary, independent software publishing company that has been crafting mobile games since 2008. The company makes stylishly addictive apps for mobile devices (phones, tablets) are difficult to put down. Brainium believes that making simple things that are great is very difficult. It’s their passion to craft great simple products. Ultimately, the company’s mission is to bring joy to every player that interacts with Brainium’s games.

The company’s highly popular suite of casual and casino games includes Solitaire (Spider and Pyramid versions), Sudoku, FreeCell, Blackjack, Jumbline, ilu, and Word Search Star. Games are accessed on both Apple iOS and Android devices and purchased through Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The company employs 15 people, has annual revenue over $15M, enjoys significant market share, and has been profitably growing revenues since its inception. Founded by Jake Brownson and Farhad Shakiba, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with an office in Santa Monica, the company is well positioned for continued success in the mobile gaming space.

Position: Vice President of Operations

This Operations Vice President will own and improve many of the metrics around company health. The goal is to offload marketing, analytics, legal, and management and negotiation with the ad networks to improve company performance and profitability while freeing up the technical founders to focus on product development and continued company growth.

This includes a broad and evolving combination of:

Marketing: Working with digital advertising partners Google, Facebook, AppLovin, and more as well as app stores to understand the games ecosystem, cost/value of each new user, competitive changes and opportunities by product, platform, geography, user demographics and provide context behind the numbers. This person will deliver insights into the data, adjust customer acquisition spending, negotiate with ad networks for more favorable terms, and enable more effective customer growth and retention. He/She will also test new game ideas, providing user/customer insight to the development team on future products.

Competitive Analysis/IP Enforcement: This person will be intimately involved with understanding all of the competitive game apps – who’s moving up/down, daily ranking, looking for actionable information that includes new competitors, change in product offerings, or other players illegally copying Brainium’s icons and pages. This VP Operations will work with legal counsel on any infringement items and partner with Jake and Farhad on any business or technology recommendations based on a rapidly changing competitive landscape.

Operations: This executive will determine which specific operational metrics will have the most impact on the success and happiness at Brainium. A very light touch on analytics/metrics, but fully engaging in/driving improvement in these areas that matter most for business health and happy, motivated employees. Brainium’s working environment is very comfortable and engineering-centric. This VP Operations should inject a bit more esprit de corps and help Jake and Farhad to create a more connective culture.

Specifically, we are looking for the all-seeing eye. Ideally, this executive will observe, gather data, provide insight into the data, then develop and execute on those items that make Brainium more successful.

This person will be partnered with the two co-founders, Jake Brownson and Farhad Shakiba, and be in the inner circle of leading and growing Brainium.

The qualified candidate will have the following:     

  • Successful experience as a VP/Director of Product Marketing, Operations, Marketing Operations, or Marketing Analytics in a B2C gaming or SaaS company.

  • A user interface and track record of operational metric improvement working with creative and highly technical colleagues.

  • Small emerging growth expertise evidenced by a light touch on process and an intense focus on both driving strategy and personally delivering on tactics that enable success.

  • CEO/Founder references that will validate partnership skills, professional approach and business metrics improvement.


Brainium will offer the selected candidate a very attractive base salary, bonus, and benefits in a growing, highly profitable business.


Brainium Studios is located in premier area in downtown Portland, Oregon called “the Pearl”. Portland is known as the Silicon Forest and nestled between the Oregon Coast and the Cascade Range. The Portland Metropolitan area consists of charming neighborhoods, multicultural populations, moderate cost of living, with mild seasonal climates supporting year-round outdoor adventure and events. Money magazine calls Portland the “Best City in the West” to live, citing the city's old-fashioned neighborhood feeling and proximity to good schools.

For additional information or confidential consideration, please contact Tom Haley.

To learn more about Brainium Studios, please visit

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