How Brentwood Group is different

  • We represent only the most intriguing technology companies – both early stage and mature firms.
  • We follow up! While we may not always deliver news you want to hear, we will return all voice messages.
  • We conduct business with you in an honest and professional manner.
  • We never present your information to our client without your prior approval.
  • Of course, all search expenses are paid for by our clients.


We wish to make interviews a pleasant experience rather than a stressful situation. The objective of this part of our process is to ensure that we have all of the information our clients require about your background, education, experience and compensation, and to ensure that you have as much information as we can provide about our client.

We also have the responsibility to represent candidates accurately and thoroughly. To do this you can help us by being ready to provide as much information as possible.

  • Accurate information on your career background. This means that the dates (including months if possible) should be provided for each job, taking particular care to note that there are no gaps. It is better to identify these areas clearly rather than have us ask about them.
  • Clients want to know the dimensions of your roles, such as sales, revenue, P&L metrics, size and scope of the organization managed, and expense budgets for your area and metrics of success. They also need to know your reporting structure and the functions that reported to you.
  • Accurate information regarding your remuneration, including a detailed breakdown of your package including base salary, bonus program, stock options and grants, and actual compensation for the last two years.
  • Information about the companies or organizations you have worked with puts your role in context.
  • Our clients expect thorough, detailed referencing as a critically important part of the process. Providing multiple manager, peer and subordinate references, as well as customer references, will enable the 360° view required today for senior executive positions.


We process information for our client as quickly as possible. If you have additional information which you think will help us better understand your background after the interview, please email it to us and we will ensure that relevant information is passed on to our client.

Candidates’ privacy

Unless we gain your permission, your resume will be held confidential and will not be transferred to any company or individual. The Brentwood Group will not sell or otherwise distribute your identity or associated information without your consent.

Use of Information - The resume is used to match candidates with current or future search assignments. Resumes are only transferred to a client with an open search. Candidate information is not transferred to any outside parties other than retained clients. The Brentwood Group will provide its collected data to law enforcement agencies if legally required to do so pursuant to law, court order or other governmental action.

Account Updates and Corrections – You may update or correct your personal information or resume at any time.

Notification of Changes – Revisions to this policy will be posted on the The Brentwood Group website 30 days prior to the new policy’s effective date.

Security Policy - Data access is restricted to a limited number of authorized Brentwood Group employees with authenticated usernames and passwords. There is no general access to the data.

Outside Links – This site contains links to other websites. Users will be taken to a separate website if they click on one of these links. The Brentwood Group is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of the websites to which the user may link. All users should review the privacy policy of any website they visit.